The Teccas

Scott and Kayla, a father-daughter duo, playing a variety of new and classic country, classic rock and originals. A rocking duo with an original twist. 

Scott grew up in a very musical family with his grandfather, who was blind from age nine, was a local musician in Livingston Montana, playing the piano, drums and singing in the Rambling Ramblers. His father, the man who taught him to play the guitar at the age of 5, also was a guitar player and singer. Growing up in small towns in Montana has its challenges, but it has also given Scott the life needed to reach for his dreams of being a singer/ songwriter. Having two musically talented daughters, it has sparked the idea of performing together as a family, but as fate would have it, only one daughter, Kayla, has shown the desire to chase his crazy dream of being a full-time musician. 

Kayla, upon graduating from high school, went on to culinary school, before jumping in with both feet and traveling all over Montana playing music in local bars, breweries, and private functions. Their unique blend of family harmonies draws their followers into a musical journey. From their renditions of Journey's Don't stop believing to their original Whiskey in Heaven, the listener is taken through the facets of time and touched by memories of the familiar songs they cover. Their original songs are written from personal memories and life experiences that touch you in so many different ways. 

Their upcoming single "These Days" will be released by rising indie label White Lion Audio in 2019. Take the time and have a listen, and if you get the chance to see them live, don't miss it.